Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

3 Mattresses $90

Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne specialise in professional mattress cleaning service in Melbourne area. We are well-known professional cleaning company and we are proud to deliver customer satisfaction every time with our mattress cleaning service.

The usual recommendation for this service is to take place every 6 months. Regular mattress cleaning helps to protect your mattress and extends its life. Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne's Mattress Cleaning Melbourne is one of the best known solutions to kill any bacteria that live in your mattress and eliminate dust mites.

People, who suffer with most common skin conditions and allergies such as: eczema, asthma, itchy skin will benefit the most from this steam cleaning service.

Professional Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne

Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne mattress cleaning technicians are equipped with the latest professional machinery on the market. We use powerful hot water extraction system, which simultaneously cleans and dries the material of your mattress. The powerful injection of spray with detergent kills the bacteria rooted in the mattress, eliminates dust mites and cleans the dirt. The suction system extracts the dirt, fungus and deodorizes the fabrics. It leaves you with a healthy and clean mattress.