Tiles & Grout Cleaning Melbourne

At Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we understand how important it is to keep your tiled floors and walls in a pristine condition, and how difficult a task it could be at the same time. Grout has porous structure so it can easily allow dirt, grime and grease to penetrate it, which will spoil the overall appearance of your premises.

We offer deep cleaning and sealing service for your tiles & grout whether they be on the floor or wall. This ensures that your tiles and grout are restored to as new condition and will stay cleaner for longer. Having your grout sealed following the cleaning actually help you maintain your floor effectively and more easily making the daily moping a breeze.

Effective Tiles & Cleaning in Melbourne

We use the very latest technology in tile and grout cleaning and sealing ensuring first class service is carried out. We only use leading brands cleaning products which gives us the confidence that we can achieve the best results possible in a short span of time. A scrubbing machine with a rotary brush attached to it is used to agitate the cleaning solution and break through the grime and grease. The formed slurry is then extracted away using our state of the art tile cleaning unit that produces very hot steam.